Hello, I am Maureen Clare Donovan Garcia and ever since I touched clay I knew it was something special. To create with your hands this mud of the earth, to mold and shape it with your fingertips. The feeling of that raw material was just amazing to me. Then, to use fire and heat to convert this magnificent, malleable creation, into a hard ceramic treasure...fire, yes!…treasures, yes! The idea that this object I just created will most likely now exist on this planet longer than me, or at least shards of it might. This was a powerful concept to me. I named my business Maureen Garcia CLAY, because of the connection I feel with the material in that state of the process. The pieces I create, although all of them precious to me, somehow they possess this disconnection to me after the firing process. Not in a negative way, it is much like a mother giving her children the wings and courage to fly. (Thanks Mom!)

I let go of my art to live and to be loved by others. To have a presence in their home. To bring joy. To exist in the space. Life is so short, and the earth is so ancient. I invest time and care into each work of art because of this. I hope my pieces will evoke some sort of emotion in the beholder.

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I have a BFA in Ceramics from Tyler School of Art with a minor focus on Glassblowing, as well as an Art Education Degree. (Old School Tyler that is…when it was still in Elkins Park, PA) I have been actively creating art and working in a slew of creative careers for many years now and I have been fortunate to keep my hands a little dirty with clay throughout. Taking time to live and grow in between. I create when I can. I am very inspired by nature, which fortunately surrounds me, in the beautiful woods of the Catskill Mountains of New York State, where I now live with my family. As well as being an Artist, I am also the Director of the Mountain Top Library in Tannersville, NY. 

Check out our website: www.mountaintoplibrary.org